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Intense® – the alternative solvent with excellent cleaning power

Intense® – the alternative solvent with excellent cleaning power

Kamis, 08 Desember 2016
by Admin

Intense® – the alternative solvent with excellent cleaning power The solvent developed by Seitz based on hydrocarbon found a great response at Clean Show in Atlanta. SEITZ thus was able to set another milestone on the path to alternative solvents. 

Intense® undisputedly has the benefit of a clearly increased cleaning effect as compared to hydrocarbon solvents, which measurably saves time and costs in pre- and post-detaching. Water-soluble stains are dissolved outstandingly. Intense® can be used in any multi-solvent cleaning machine and therefore can easily replace other solvents. 

Intense® is an environmentally neutral solvent. No harmful influences on man or the environment are known. The higher flash point of Intense® as compared to hydrocarbon solvents also ensures safe work-technical handling and secure transport. It is not a hazardous substance.

Asked in how far Intense will now influence the alternative solvent "GreenEarth®" that is also offered by SEITZ, managing director Alexander Seitz's response was clear: "Intense® is not in direct competition to GreenEarth®, also a product of the Seitz range. GreenEarth® will remain the first choice among the silicone solvents, where it has undisputed benefits. Intense® is a much higher-performing version of a hydrocarbon solvent instead." 

Intense can be used without problems with any brushing media, cleaning amplifiers, detaching agents and impregnations that are also suitable for hydrocarbon.

After successful introduction in the USA, the first companies in Germany are being converted to Intense now as well. They are convinced by its very good results.

"Clean Show 2015 was another great success for our company. We are already looking forward to the next Show in Las Vegas in 2017. As always, SEITZ will surely present a new innovation then," Alexander Seitz happily promised in the end.


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