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The new Triton System!

The new Triton System!

Kamis, 08 Desember 2016
by Admin

Wet-cleaning with water is not new in professional Textile Care. New, however, is the integration of textiles which, by traditional process, could formerly be cleaned only in solvent.


For the purpose of cleaning delicate textiles without risk, special machines are indispensable which distinctly differ from the ordinary household washing machine as opposed to those used for wet-cleaning in professional textile care enterprises. These wet-cleaning machines must be eligible for free programming and must dispose of an electronic control system, an exact electronic temperature control, respectively a computer control for process setting. Otherwise complaints will be inevitable.


Along with this, considerably higher performance is demanded of the corresponding products than is the case in normal laundry.


The essential requirements are as follows:

·         Optimum textile care

·         Colour protection and minimum felting

·         Fibre care in case of swelling natural fibres, in particular wool and silk

·         Fabric finish facilitating the ironing and finishing work and providing the fabric with a full and supple handle

·         High soil removal with short wash cycles and minimum mechanical action

·         Integration of biodegradable raw materials

·         More safety and environmental protection


The Triton-System makes all this possible !

The fundamental technical knowledge and experience of SEITZ in the field of professional Textile Care is based on continuous research and development work. This is why SEITZ is in a position to offer a product concept including a complete assortment for wet-cleaning.


The SEITZ Triton-System enables the treatment of most diversified articles (like dresses, suits, coats, etc.) made from natural and synthetic fibres and highly delicate material as known from wool and silk.


It prevents damage of various trimmings (which could be made from the most various materials) and appliqués like e.g. pearls or sequins which might not be resistant to cleaning in solvent.


Four Steps towards Perfect Cleanliness:


1.  Wet-cleaning

Viva Care is a liquid special detergent for delicate textiles. It provides gentle care of textiles made from wool, silk as well as viscose and is especially caring in removal of very high soiling.

In the wet-cleaning process, sensitive albuminous and cellulosic fibres are best protected from felting and shrinkage. The cleaning components of this product are active already from lowest temperatures –even cold.

Viva Care is exempt from chlorine, APEO, EDTA, NTA. and its biodegradability is beyond the requirements of the German “Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelgesetz” (WRMG).


2.  Finishing - Optimization

Viva Top is a concentrated liquid retexturing/sizing for wet-cleaning which restores the shape of treated textiles.  

Viva Top is suited for all kind of textiles, it considerably improves the quality apt for ironing and provides the textiles with a silky, voluminous handle and optimum wearing properties.

Silk and wool are permanently protected from shrinkage and felting.

Viva Top can be dosed via dosing systems or the finishing casket of suited washing machine systems.

Viva Top is exempt from chlorine, APEO, EDTA, NTA  and its biodegradability is beyond the requirements of the German “Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelgesetz” (WRMG).


3.  Bleaching - Disinfection

Viva Geniox is a highly active liquid oxygen bleach and a disinfectant. Bleaching is possible already in cold solutions and reliable disinfection according to DIN EN 1276/1650 (bactericide, fungicide) is feasible already at 40 °C.

Viva Geniox offers maximum fibre care. It is excellently suited for bleaching and disinfection of textured and sensitive washable textiles.

Although Viva Geniox is active already at very low temperatures, it is suitable for all types of textiles and all temperature ranges.

In thorough washing and careful disinfection with Viva Geniox, microbes and germs are eliminated from the fabric and the textiles are freed from odour-causing substances. t.


4.  intensification

The Hydret line includes pre- and post-spotting agents for caring and effective removal of tenacious stains. In view of the required minimum mechanical action, thorough checking and pre-treatment of the textiles will be indispensable.

Maxx Spray is a powerful, quick and effective stain-removal agent based on an innovative, natural active grease-solubilizer, convincing by supreme grease-dissolvingg power.

Maxx Spray can be used in wet-cleaning for local pre-treatment of especially tenacious grease and pigment soil.

Special Treatment

Viva Combi is a highly concentrated grease and albumen solubilizer. The product has an extremely high capacity of dissolving grease and pigment soil.

Viva Combi has very good wetting and emulsifying capacities besides having a highly active enzyme for removal of albuminous soil.


Process Safety by Dosing Technology

Even the best products cannot fully develop their total performances if they are not dosed correctly or used at the wrong time. In particular in wet-cleaning, textiles may suffer irreparable damages due to lack of products.

Optimum dosage at the right moment will save energy, money and obtain better results.

The combination of the right product with a modern dosing system will create ideal preconditions for ecological and economic work since modern dosing systems enable precise and aimed dosage of the product, resulting in most effective and optimum product input and use.


High-Professional Application Technology worth Considering

We offer entire solutions for laundries and wet-cleaning or dry-cleaning businesses.

For dosing our products, we offer an ample assortment of dosing pumps and our technical department takes care of individual and custom-made solutions for product dosage.

Do not hesitate contacting our technical sales representative for an appointment !

It is our aim to supply more than merely the appropriate products.  We develop and sell concepts and entire solutions which give our customers all possibilities to consolidate and expand their activities on the market facing hard competition, and to improve the quality of their performances.


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